It's not about gear.

It's about how and who uses it.

But We provide the best sounding quality digital / analog gears

Gear List

Interface / Speakers / Controllers/DSP

Merging Hapi w/2 ADA8S Option cards

Genelec 8351As with GLM kit 

Antelope Zen Tour

Pro Tools 2020

Logic Pro X

Sennheiser HD 600

Avid Artist Mix

TC electronics Clarity M

UAD Octo Satellite

Mics / Mic Pres

AKG 414 XLII Stereo Pair

Neumann KM184 Stereo Pair
U87 Stereo Pair


exceptionally transparent, Swiss designed

Merging's pre-amplifiers

Neve 1073 DPX


API 3124V

And I am a good friend of..

Your music

Neve 88RS

SSL Duality

SSL 4k

API Legacy

API 1608


Avid S6

and bunch of Analog gears that i can't afford at the moment.

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