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Audio Engineering Society Convention |   New York, NY
Open Session Work shop with 
  • Al Schmitt, George Massenburg, Ed Cherney, Elliot Scheiner,

 Chuck Ainlay, Tony McAnany and Frank Filipetti

I Avatar Studio, NY


Back in Boston,MA
YoonHwa Choi's 1st Album, "Sound Scape" release I Recording / Promotions
June Of Gypsy's Album "Dice1. Fall in Love" release I Mixing / Mastering

2017. September

Sunny Eunsun Park's  1st Album, "Capturing Myself" release I Mixing / Mastering
Singularity's 3rd Album, "Different is different from wrong" release I Recording/Mixing

2017. October

Your Heart with my Mix I Earth​

Everyone will be happy in 2017

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